Why 52+?

The Maya had more than one calendar and their Tzolkin calendar revolves and turns (Tun prophetic and divine calendar). In doing so, it imparts meaning of all Aspects and Intentions of creation. At exactly 52 revolutions of the Tun calendar, the point when the two calendars match up again, every possible Aspect and Intention of creation has been (or could have been) experienced.

The beginning age of contributors for Crone Chronicles 20-20 is 52 because 52 years is the spiritual age for an elder’s right-of-passage for most Indigenous tribes or clans around the world. We surpassed the goal of selecting 52 authors; in fact, 57 authors tell their magical crone stories in this collection!

Experts in Numerology also believe that Age 52 is a “critical year” because it offers us the opportunity to create on a soul level what the rest of our life will be like. If we are open and receptive to the gift that our Lifetime Challenges bring, then we are open to truly live and receive the abundance that the rest of our lives will be blessed by its influence.

However, if we choose to play small and operate from fear, then we die inside. For this reason, the Year 52 is accurately referred to as a “live or die” year. This story collection honors crones who’ve “chosen” to live past 52 years and who’ve “chosen” to write their stories for perpetuity, even if—especially if—they’ve never written before.

Therefore, the overarching goal of this collection was for female elders to write their stories, songs or poems describing life-defining moments with an eye toward fortifying their own resolve, conviction and purpose, whilst also improving the image and positioning of crones everywhere.

Through these stories, crones project themselves into the hearts and minds of readers, creating compassion and acceptance for our struggles and conquests, thus teaching us all about life.