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Book cover: Crone Chronicles 20-20: Intimately Inspiring Glimpses into the Lives of Wise Women 52+

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I received this book and was delightfully surprised at how well written all the stories and poems were. I was enlightened as to what a crone is and realized that I am one also. The stories made me laugh, cry, sigh and ponder life situations of others, including my own. I am so proud of all the ladies who contributed their stories (especially my cousin Debra) and I highly recommend this book to everyone. I sincerely hope all will read it, as I think it will help others to understand their own life better as I did! I would love to have you publish this review.” – Maggie McAbee

“In Crone Chronicles 20-20, 52 women give us a peek into their musings on life experience. Many of these women talk about the ups and downs of aging. Sarah F. Pearlman states, “I miss my younger ways of walking, when I walked without falling.” There are stories of women who had great accomplishments once they were older. Beverly Lerner decided to fly an airplane at age 60. And every reader can relate to Diana Rivers steeling herself to lay on her sled on her belly and let gravity pull her, picking up speed down the hill. Some women tell about the success or failure of living their dreams when they were young. Others describe situations that uprooted them due to unforeseen circumstances and then had to adjust attitudes. The stories are short and divided into “Glimpses”, such us, Activism, Adventures, Reinventing Ourselves and 9 others. With the book organized in this way, it’s easy to skip around the book instead of reading front to back. “I am alive. Ask my dog…I am still kicking,” shouts Batya Weinbaum. “…in my life as a Crone, the world is, quite clearly, my oyster,” proclaims Kelly West Sadowski. Each story and poem is a treasure. Crones don’t fade away. Two thumbs up on this one.” – Woody Blue

“I am so inspired by Crone Chronicles 20-20, most recently by Sarah Pearlman’s essay “Learning to be Old,” that I’ve paused reading to the end of the collection in order to write my own aging essay. And, oh, another gift, being able to share Linda White’s essay, “You’re Too Big!”with my 11-year-old granddaughter here in Idaho, the granddaughter who was born to be, so far, the tallest in her class — a girl that’s been feeling the smallness in her bigness since her parents’ divorce. When I asked her what she thought about Linda’s essay, she said, “Good,” and went right back to TV cartoons with its Lillputian-sized heroines. Still, I know the seed of self-empathy has been planted and not by me! Thanks again.” – Sharon Wood Wortman

“CC 20-20 is a delightful compilation of personal stories by Crone women – talented, poignant, heartwarming, funny, and sad. It takes brave women to open their hearts and souls, relive memories, admit defeat and yes, even brag of victories. To all those women who wrote a memoir I send you many hugs and much gratitude. Well done!” – Maggi Smith Hall

“I read the book in three days. The stories were at times humorous, at times heart-wrenching, but always enlightening. I learned so much about the varied cultures, beliefs, and lifestyles of these talented and wise women. I’m reading Crone Chronicles 20-20 again, more slowly this time. I want absorb and retain as much wisdom as I can. I wish I could meet all of the authors and personally congratulate them on a life well lived.” – Beverly Lerner