Mission & Vision

Debra L. Gish, Managing Editor of Crone Chronicles 20-20, is the Founder of Crones Landing® and Author of Displaced: A perilous true story of an expatriate working to right wrongs from the past and author of several published short stories and poems depicting her work and related adventures.

Debra L. Gish walks the labyrinth prior to her croning ceremony
Debra L. Gish walks the labyrinth prior to her Croning Ceremony 

Debra has been on a lonely, yet crucial spiritual path her entire life. Recognizing the invisibility and ignorance related to women’s critical roles worldwide, she has committed her life to promoting women’s worth.

Now a proud Crone herself, Debra is eager to turn her attention toward fostering a global social and cultural movement to empower aging women, i.e., specifically crones (aka female elders), who often become “invisible” after raising families, retiring, or from just being alone in the world, without a partner due to divorce, death, sexual preference, poverty, illness, or being abandoned in old age. 

A multicultural leader, Debra is a linguist, sociologist and international peace mediator holding degrees from leading universities in the Americas. A published poet (Best Poets of 2015, 2016 and 2019), Debra is usually calm and good-natured under pressure, with a grounded sense of humor. She enjoys writing, reading, meditation, divination, trekking, Mayan and croning rituals and driving her handmade boat.

Debra L. Gish drives her handmade boat across Lake Atitlán.
Debra L. Gish drives her handmade boat across Lake Atitlán.

It is Debra’s personal quest to empower emerging and established Crones in transforming our life-long learning and experiences into sage wisdom, thereby devoting our best years yet to self-awareness and self-expression for ourselves and for the higher good of humanity.

Debra envisioned Crone Chronicles 20-20: Intimately Inspiring Glimpses into the Lives of Wise Women 52+ as a magical space in which crones record intimate glimpses into their lives.