Goals, Guidelines & Rewards for Writers

The general objective of this collection of short stories by female elders 52+ is to empower emerging and established Crones in transforming our life-long learning into sage wisdom, and thereby devote our best years yet to self-awareness and self-expression for ourselves and for the higher good. 

More than just “coming of age” stories, this collection features crone writers who hold their heads high, make us laugh and cry, while exploring and unapologetically demystifying and debunking the true meaning of being a CRONE in this daunting day and age.

Crone Chronicles 20-20 was an opportunity for crones to to craft a story about their life that tells the world who they really are. No holds barred. Centering on an incident, a life-changing event, a milestone, or a revelation that helps to define “who & why” they’re the crone they are today!

Story Requirements:

  • A 520-2,500 words short story (1-5 pages)
  • Microsoft Word format, or Word compatible 
  • Genre of writer’s choosing  – e.g., Comedy, Drama, Epic, Erotic, Nonsense, Lyric, Poetry, Romance, Satire, Horror or Tragedy
  • A pen name was optional. A short bio and a (B&W) drawing or photograph to help illustrate the story was optional. Only about a third submitted an image with their story.

Ms. Gish formed an Editorial Review Board of renowned crone storytellers, published authors and book editors to assist her in reviewing, editing and providing feedback to writers on accepting (or not accepting) stories for publication based on written guidelines.

Crone Chronicles 20-20 Editorial Review Board,
Editorial Review Team seated from left to right: Maryann (Leaf) Hopper, Diana Rivers, Debra L. Gish, and Sammi (Salkana) Schindler

Each author whose story was accepted for publication was gifted a copy of the book with a personalized note from the Managing Editor and an honorarium of $52.

Editor’s Note: It’s important to point out that before the onset and outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in early March 2020, the book was to be released and promoted via readings performed by the authors at scheduled regional and national women’s events and festivals, arts and crafts shows, feminist bookstores, etc., beginning in spring/summer of 2020.

With no immediate end to this pandemic in sight, we are currently revising our plans to launch the book around the country via organized readings on Zoom and other social media, still hopefully sponsored or supported by our feminist sisters, bookstores, libraries and organizations. (Look for the schedule to appear on our News & Events page.)

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